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Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber 2020


Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber 2020

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2020 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber : A TASTE OF TUSCANY.

Introducing the 2020 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber.

The name V9 Bobber evokes concepts such as its essential line, pure design and thus a certain original sporting content, underlined by a total matt black look. Moto Guzzi’s custom sports bike effectively creates the mid-size bobber series segment, in which the V9 is currently the only representative. Bobbers appeared in the United States after World War II, built by passionate riders who stripped away all details superfluous to their goal of running fast on dirt tracks. To compete in these conditions the riders used to mount oversized tyres, giving the bikes a wide footprint. In line with this style, the V9 Bobber abandons any chrome plating and glossy finish for matt black details. The side panels and fuel tank are thus pitch black, with just a few graphic details in yellow or matt red. The exhaust unit, mirrors and both metal mudguards are painted in “dark matt”. The rear mudguard has been carefully shortened and reduced in size, so as well as including a very compact optical unit, it makes a big contribution to the minimal look of the V9 Bobber.

The matt black wheel rims, both 16 inches, are elegantly decorated with the Moto Guzzi logo in grey; the front rim is shod with a tyre that has an oversized shoulder (130/90). Even with these spectacular tyres and distinctive design, the bike still maintains characteristics of exceptional riding pleasure and handling. Indeed the V9 Bobber is a true Moto Guzzi, and as such does not trade rideability for beauty. The MY 17 V9 Bobber also differs from the V9 Roamer because of the more crouched and sporty riding position, provided by the lower, black painted drag bar handlebar and the aluminium footpegs mounted 100 mm farther back and raised 35 mm. This technical choice guarantees a more active and extended posture and ensures more on board space and comfort, even for taller riders. The forward-mounted footpegs kit is also available as an option for the V9 Bobber, whereas the new series footpegs and saddle can be installed on the 2016 models in order to make the new ergonomics available to all V9 owners.

The MY 2020 generation of the V9 Bobber, despite the single-seater, aggressive look, is ready and approved to carry a passenger. The new rider saddle is more padded and comfortable and it come standard with pillion seating. The passenger footpegs and saddle are easily removable to make the V9 a true single-seater. The ground clearance of the latter is only 785 mm, and if you add to this the low total kerb weight of 199 kg, it is not hard to imagine the level of comfort, control and riding pleasure the V9 Bobber provides.


Custom motorcycles are nothing new in nearly a century of Moto Guzzi history. Indeed this segment includes some of the most famous, best loved and biggest selling Mandello bikes, of which the California is the undisputed queen. Following in the tradition and the success of this 1971 model, Moto Guzzi designed and built mid-sized models, which met the demands of a growing range of users. These included the V35 Custom from 1979, later replaced by the better looking V50, in turn replaced by the V65 Florida, and then the famous and appreciated Nevada, launched in 1989 on the basis of the proven V75 1985. This continues all the way down to 2007 with the modern and stylish Bellagio.

Three essential features, deriving from a unique motorcycle culture, are common to all generations of custom Moto Guzzis:

– This is the highly personal design, in which the special and unique engine configuration plays a decisive stylistic role, always the focus of attention, as well as the sinuous tank and low exhaust pipes;

– the legendary 90° transversal V-twin engine, introduced in 1967;

– Riding pleasure in all conditions, granted by the recognised superior riding qualities all Moto Guzzis that have captured the hearts of generations of users on roads around the world.

That same motorcycle culture inspires the two Moto Guzzi motorcycles. V9 Roamer is a universal easy and intuitive custom, beautiful to show off and rewarding to ride, full of unique details and outstanding finishes. The V9 Bobber expresses an altogether darker and more nocturnal soul. It has large tyres and as a total black look.

The MY 20 V9 units, the result of the constant perfecting that Moto Guzzi dedicates to its bikes, are distinguished by a marked difference, with two clearly distinct personalities: one more touring and the other sportier.

The V9 Roamer in particular, takes an even deeper look at long road trips, introducing a protective top fairing and new rear shock absorbers designed to increase two-up travelling comfort.

Both of the V9 machines obviously have an entire range of touring accessories.

V9: you can feel the quality

 With such explicit references to style and technology recurrent throughout the history of Moto Guzzi, the V9 could only be beautiful, fun and safe. In particular, Moto Guzzi has focused its greatest efforts on the definition of a design that would enhance the sculptural forms of the twin-cylinder 850 made in Mandello. In addition, a great deal of attention was paid to perceived quality: Exceptional care has gone into the finish and components on the V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber. They represent a new way of conceiving the medium-sized motorcycle. Touching the surfaces, we can feel the wide use of high quality materials such as steel and aluminium, while plastic parts are reduced to a minimum. The metal teardrop fuel tank on both V9s, with its 15-litre capacity, is finished with a fine coating with the Moto Guzzi logo on top, protected by clear varnish. The front and rear mudguards are also made of metal. However, the side fairings, locking fuel tank cap and brake and clutch levers are made of lightweight aluminium. the ergonomic electrical blocks also have aluminium finish housings, just as the rider footpegs are made of aluminium. The steel exhaust manifolds are protected by a second tube, which, by creating an air cavity, helps to lower the heat emitted and preserve the outer surfaces.

The welds of the new frame and the quality of its paintwork are immaculately finished, as are the meticulous details of the 90° transverse V-twin engine, not only in terms of the casting but also the matt black that brings out the Moto Guzzi branding milled on the aluminium cylinder head covers. It pays to look at the intimate details of these two motorcycles, their touch conveying the entire construction tradition and culture so typical of the best Moto Guzzi models.

 V9 Roamer: Moto Guzzi’s cosmopolitan custom

Versatility has always been a key factor in the success of custom Moto Guzzis. Guzzi enthusiasts have ridden the big California as well as the small Nevada down busy city streets and, with a few changes for luggage, on long and adventurous journeys. Glamorous, easy, convenient and rewarding to ride, like all Moto Guzzis, the V9 Roamer is the Italian custom bike dedicated to the citizens of the world. The Piaggio Group Centro Stile developed the design, with input from the PADC (Piaggio Advanced Design Center) in Pasadena (California), the birthplace of motorcycle trends that then spread worldwide. The V9 Roamer is a superb combination of a classic and essential style with high-level finishings, showing off the unique architecture of the 850 twin-cylinder. Great care has gone into the details of the wheel rims (19″ front and 16″ rear) painted in matt black and treated with a diamond-cut finish, as well as the multi-function digital dashboard with a single circular dial.

On V9 Roamer on board comfort is enhanced by a riding position with ergonomics designed to maintain an active and erect posture, therefore ideal for taking full advantage of the chassis architecture, at the same time guaranteeing space and comfort even for taller riders. Rider and passenger sit comfortably astride a long saddle: characterised by soft padding that is highlighted by the stitching and enhanced by the Moto Guzzi logo in grey threaded stitching. The new pair of rear shock absorbers, now with 99 mm stroke, let you travel more comfortably even when riding two-up and introduce easier preload cam adjustment. The height off the ground of just 818 mm and the raised chromium handlebar, easy to grip, give every rider a comfortable ride and make it easy to control the vehicle at a standstill, as well as adding to the feeling in dynamic riding. In line with its touring spirit, the MY 20 V9 Roamer comes standard with a new top fairing that combines stylistic elegance and aerodynamic protection. Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer therefore inherits the legacy left behind by the legendary Nevada 750, still in the range for more than two decades with some appropriate updates, and it strives to be a small granturismo bike, if outfitted with the genuine accessories designed for travel, such as the larger windscreen, the brand new luggage rack with removable backrest and the set of dedicated panniers.


The V9 also upholds Moto Guzzi’s successful tradition of keeping the overall weight to a minimum. If the V7 III and California 1400 are already among the lightest bikes in their respective segments. The V9’s 199 kg kerb weight is a true record for its class. The reduced mass, combined with the V9 Roamer’s superb riding quality and great low-end torque offered by the 850 two-cylinder, gives feeling, handling and unique riding pleasure. The V9 Roamer is a true mid-size light motorcycle, not just for people who love and know Moto Guzzi motorcycle culture, but also those who have always loved the design of custom motorcycles, but have never bought one because of the weight and poor handling of almost all models in the sector.




90° V-twin, 4-stroke, 2-valves per cylinder


air and oil


853 cc

Bore and stroke

84 x 77 mm

Compression ratio

10.5: 1



Maximum power

40.44 kW (55 HP) at 6,250 rpm


62 Nm at 3,000 rpm

Fuel system

Marelli MIU single-body electronic injection, integrated management of traction control on 2 levels



Exhaust system

stainless steel, 2-in-2 type, three-way catalytic converter with double lambda probe


Euro 4






6 speeds (with overdrive top gear)

Gear ratio values

1st 16/39 = 1: 2.437


2nd 18/32 = 1: 1.778


3rd 21/28 = 1: 1.333


4th 24/26 = 1: 1.083


5th 25/24 = 1: 0.96


6th 28/24 = 1: 0.857



Primary drive

with helical teeth, ratio 21/25 = 1: 1.190)

Final drive

double universal joint and double bevel gear units (8/33 ratio = 1: 4.125)


Ø 170 mm single disc with integrated flexible couplings








ALS steel twin tube cradle frame


1465 mm


125.1 mm (116.1 mm)

Headstock angle


Steering angle


Front suspension

standard fork, Ø 40 mm

Front wheel travel

130 mm

Rear suspension

swingarm with two shock absorbers, with adjustable spring preload

Rear wheel travel

99 mm (91 mm)

Front Brake

stainless steel floating disc, Ø 320 mm Brembo opposed four-piston callipers

Rear brake

stainless steel floating disc, Ø 260 mm Brembo opposed two-piston callipers


Aluminium alloy

Front wheel rim

2.50” x 19” (3.50” x 16”)

Rear wheel rim

4.00” x 16”

Front tyre

100/90 – 19” (130/90 – 16”)

Rear tyre

150/80 – 16” (150/80 B 16”)





System voltage

12 V


12V – 18 Ah






2240 mm (2185 mm)


865 mm (840 mm)


1165 mm (1160 mm)

Saddle height

818 mm (808 mm)

Kerb weight*


199 Kg


* Weight of bike ready to ride, will all fluids and no fuel


Fuel tank capacity

15 litres


4 litres



Consumption (WMTC cycle)

4,99 l/100 km



CO2 Emissions (WMTC cycle)

114 g/km


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