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Delivery Information

Motorbike Shipping

International Motorbike Shipping from the EU

Auto Shippers provide fast motorbike shipping services to the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and more. We ship bikes direct from the EU to over 144 countries. We are fully accredited members of the EU International Freight Association (BIFA) and our dedicated team of experienced professionals provide a tailored service to suit your requirements when you ship your bike overseas.

Our Services

We have a daily motorbike collection service providing nationwide coverage from anywhere in the EU and arrange for your bike to be transported either to the port of departure or to our packing facility using specialist motorcycle collection vehicles. You can of course make your own arrangements to deliver your bike yourself if you wish. We provide the necessary directions, required customs documentation and paperwork for you to make delivery direct to the port or packing station.

Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) Motorbike Shipping

RoRo shipping will see your bike ridden on to a specialist vessel designed for the transportation of cars and motorbikes and secured into purpose built racks. Bikes are then simply driven off at destination for customs clearance and collection.

Shipping Motorbikes by Container

For destinations where Ro Ro vessels do not have bike racks or if you would simply prefer, we offer a bespoke packaging service to pack your bike into a custom built crate for shipment by air or sea container.

Airfreight your Motorbike

Crated bikes can be airfreighted worldwide and we offer great rates for all destinations. In some cases it can be cheaper to airfreight than seafreight, and of course it is faster.

Secure Crating for your Motorbike

Crating a motorbike for overseas shipping

All shipping crates are individually built to the exact measurements of each bike. First the bike is positioned on to a heavy duty base before both wheels and the stand are secured with wooden chocks. Strap banding is fed through the wheels and over the frame being careful to protect areas of contact with foam padding to ensure all paintwork is covered before the straps are tensioned in place. When secured to the base and crate sides are in position, bikes are braced using lengths of timber within the crate with more foam padding ensuring paintwork remains protected. The top of the crate is then secured before the whole crate is externally strap and a uniquely numbered seal is applied providing a tamper proof shipping unit.

How much does it cost to ship a motorbike overseas?

The following costs are based on shipping an average sized motorbike (Honda CBR 600) with a crated volume of 3.00 cubic metres. The costs below are for shipping a motorbike overseas direct from the EU from either our Holland or Frank depot.

Our motorbike shipping costs below do not include the costs to make a bespoke timber crate. Please add £ 390.00 for packing and crating and around £40.00 for export paperwork.

We also crate and ship larger motorbikes. Crate costs for example for a BMW R1200 are £ 525.00 and the shipping costs will increase according to the motorbike size.

Prices exclude the usual duty and taxes at destination, shipping insurance and any onward delivery or handling costs on arrival. We can also arrange nationwide EU collection if required. Below is only a selection of the 6500 destinations we cover and are published as a guide only.

To get accurate and up to date motorbike shipping costs please complete the quote form on this page.